Splendor man
Universe Happypasta (the Parody of Creepypasta But Super Happy)
Debut Splendorman
Character Introduced Unknown
Friends Slenderman (Brother)
Cpend7 (He so Nice to Him)
Enemies Unknown
Nationality Unknown
Playstyle Unknown
Representation Unknown


Splendorman is Not Attacking but he can give Balloon's, Food's, Flower's, CD's and All Friendly Item's

Trophy Description

Splendorman is a creature that appears to those who have been especially kind to others. He is known to resemble his younger brother, Slenderman, although he prefers stylish colored dots and ribbons as adornment for his suit. He also possesses a rather dapper top hat. He is about a head taller than his younger brother and compared to his brother, he actually has a face which appears to be just two large black eyes and a massively happy grin. Splendorman is not known to have a nose. He loves to entertain people and make them smile. Giving those whom are extra kind to others small little gifts such as flowers, balloons, or even glitter, Splendorman enjoys giving back to them. Often times dancing to keep those entertained, he will keep at it until you are as well smiling along with him.