• Stadium Meme 1
    No Creepypasta's Characters in this Game (Expect: Slenderman, Masky and HoodySCP-173, Tails DollBEN and Herobrine)
  • No Trolling, Bullying and Flaming if you do that you get Ban in 3 Months
  • If you Betray us you get Banned for Life
  • If you like to ask for Someone you can use Notifications and Chat
  • Stadium Meme 2
    If theres a Fake Users on YouTube and Others it will be Blocked and Banned Forever
  • Stadium Meme 3
    When you Helping our wiki but Cpend7 and Bubbyaustin is Not Here you have to wait when thier get here.
  • No Wikia Contributors Should Ever Be Allowed on This Wiki They Will Be Blocked Forever and Ever and Ever and Ever
  • Of Course Every User (AlbertWesker100, SuperMario21, ThePinkBall, TheFuhrer12 and Tyrant T-001 and Pantyaustin) Are Allowed On This Wiki
  • Bubbyparker Is Not Allowed (Because He's A F@ggot)