Jack Skellington
Universe Disney
Tim Burton
Debut The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
Character Introduced Unknown
Friends Unknown
Enemies Animated Grinch (His Rival)
Ebenezer Scrooge
Nationality Unknown
Playstyle Unknown
Representation Unknown

Special Moves

B -

Side B -

Up B -

Down B - Down Slash

Final Smash - Skellington Scare


KO 1:

KO 2:

Star KO: "Merry Christmas To All! and Too All! and Good Night!!!"

Screen KO:


Up Taunt: Spins his detachable Head

Side Taunt: Roars with Fear

Down Taunt: Christmas Present with a creepy Jack-in-the Box inside

Victory/Lose Pose

Victory 1:

Victory 2:

Victory 3:

Victory 4 (Only When you Beat Grinch):

Lose: What have i Done?

Character Description

Jack Skellington is the main protagonist of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. He is voiced by Chris Sarandon with Danny Elfman doing his singing voice. In the Nightmare Before Christmas, Jack Skellington is the main protagonist who grows bored of doing the same thing every year. To him Halloween can only be done so many times before it becomes to traditional and not so scary. Jack was walking through the woods thinking of what to do when he stumbles and falls into Christmas Town. Fascinated by the difference of the town he investigates the area and falls in love with it. When he returns he comes back with some ideas to make Halloween similar to Christmas but with some scary and disgusting twists. He gets Halloween town ready and time comes for Christmas and Jack leaves to deliver shrunken heads and other such items to kids and families around the globe. The world soon gets mad by his actions and blow Jack out of the sky. When Jack comes back to Halloween town he finds that the only one who could save Christmas was "Sandy Claws", but discovers that Oogie Boogie has stolen him. Jack then goes and saves Santa Claus to help save Christmas.



Other Attacks

Ground Attacks

Basic Attacks

  • Neutral attack- ???
  • Dash Attack- ???
  • Side Tilt- ???
  • Up Tilt- ???
  • Down Tilt- ???


  • Side- ???
  • Up- ???
  • Down- ???


  • Ledge attack: ???
  • 100% ledge attack: ???
  • Ground attack: ???
  • Trip attack: ???

Grabs, Throws

  • Grab- ???
  • Pummel- ???
  • Forward- ???
  • Backward- ???
  • Up- ???
  • Down- ???


  • Neutral- ???
  • Forward- ???
  • Backward- ???
  • Up- ???
  • Down- ???



Victory Music

This is Halloween 2:11

Kirby Hat


When Chosen




Related Music

The Nightmare Before Christmas OST (This is Halloween)

Credits Music

Enter Music Video

Snake Codec


Mei Ling:



Role In The Subspace Emmisary



Colors & Costumes



  • Jack's Normal Costume
  • Santa Costume


  • Insert One