Captain Hook
Universe Disney
Debut Peter Pan
Character Introduced Unknown
Friends Blackbeard
Davy Jones (Bro)
Enemies Peter Pan
Al Capone
Captain Jack Sparrow
Nationality Unknown
Playstyle Unknown
Representation Unknown




  • When his HP is Low he will get Madder that add Attacks and Speed


  • When he out of his Ship he can't enter the Water (Becase there a Crocodile will Eat Hook) so he Jump Higher and get back to the Ship

Sword Slash

Bomb Present

Heartless or Pirates Summon

The Hook Slash

Walk the Plank



He first appeared in Disney's Peter Pan as the main antagonist of the film and tries to seek revenge on Peter Pan for causing him to lose his hand to the Crocodile.

In the original book, Captain James Hook was the Pirate Captain of the Jolly Roger. His origins are all but unknown, only showing that he was a school teacher and a sword champion before his life of crime. Hook came to Neverland because he thought that there would be treasure, and he was right as the book makes reference to Peter Pan and the Lost Boys having fun by stealing his treasure and making him find it all over again. Hook also made references to "Good Form", something he picked up in his teaching days. When ever he fights Pan, he always tries to make the fight to "Good Form" as a habit. But when the fight gets slower, he will try to win by tricking Pan. Peter would call him on it by saying "Bad Form", but Hook would always find a way of making it good again, usually by saying his life was at risk. One point that the game doesn't use is how cruel Hook really is. This point is made both in the book and in the 1953 film, when Hook shoots one of his men. The Disney film made this a little child safe by making Hook get annoyed with his singing. In the book, Hook just shoots him out right, just to have a little fun.