Bubble Bass
"You forgot the pickles!"
Universe Nickelodeon
Debut Spongebob Squarepants
Character Introduced Unknown
Friends Unknown
Enemies Spongebob (His Rival)
Nationality Unknown
Playstyle Unknown
Representation Unknown


Trophy Description

When SpongeBob finds out he forgot to put pickles in Bubble Bass' Krabby Patty in the episode Pickles, he goes into a state of shock, and takes time off of work, claiming he has forgotten how to make Krabby Patties altogether. However, SpongeBob later achieves his confidence back and resumes his role as fry cook when Bubble Bass returns once again. Again, he orders a Krabby Patty from SpongeBob with pickles, which SpongeBob delivers, only to hear Bubble Bass claim that there are no pickles yet again. However, SpongeBob realizes that Bubble Bass had been hiding the pickles underneath his tongue the entire time, from both Krabby Patties to avoid paying. At the mercy of the angry customers, Bubble Bass escapes for his life, before they can punish him for his deceit. He also had a woman's car keys under his tongue. Bubble Bass makes a minor appearance in F.U.N., where he "accidentally" sits on Plankton, and digs himself deeper into the seat when SpongeBob tells him what he'd done with an evil smile, and later confused Plankton him for a jellybean and chases him about his hand when he starts running. Bubble Bass also made a cameo appearance in Fools in April. He was shown when SpongeBob got tricked by Squidward and ran into his butt and made a large square indent. Though, instead of Bubble Bass being a green color he was brown (Grey). Bubble Bass appears briefly in Plankton's Good Eye, he fell out of a window (his house was burning) and crushed Plankton again. He was also there when SpongeBob gave Plankton the "Great Big Hug".